Weight Watchers Week 3 Recap

I exercised a bit less this week than I did last week, only 2 out of 7 days. I scored a certified refurbished Kinect on the cheap and also used my grabby hands and bought the highest rated Zumba workout game available. As far as my workouts went for the week, I did the regular Zumba DVD once, and I played Zumba Fitness Core on the Xbox 360 once.

That Kinect workout was so much fun, I bought 2 other workout games:  Your Shape Fitness Evolved and Nike+ Kinect Training. I’ll get those sometime later this week and I’ll definitely let ya’ll know what I think about them once I try them. I also had to order a mount for the Kinect because our couch was cutting off the sensors from seeing our legs, so we were getting pretty low scores. We don’t have a huge amount of space, so a cheap mount was preferable to really shifting everything around.

I got my blue dot 5 out of 7 days this week. One day, I decided that I wanted 2 Riesen candies instead of only 1 and that bumped me over the limit by 1 SP. But that’s totally okay. The communists are in the funhouse this week, so I’ve been craving chocolate. And I didn’t binge, I only had 2 pieces! So I’m proud of myself for keeping in moderation, and for being okay about not having a blue dot every single day this week. I don’t have to try be perfect all the time, as my partner keeps reminding me.

I went into weigh-in this week expecting to either maintain my weight or gain. I used up all of my weeklies for the first time and had two days without a blue dot. I didn’t exercise as much as I had planned to. My uterus was angry that I didn’t give her a baby, so she decided to throw all of my belongings out on the lawn.

I ended up losing 0.2 pounds. So I basically maintained. At least I didn’t gain! I also made sure to grab my first 5 pound lost sticker from my adviser at the meeting. I hit the 5 pound mark last meeting but I forgot to get the sticker. I’m currently sitting at 5.8 pounds currently lost. The WW app tells me that my average weekly weight loss is 1.9 pounds. Since the average person loses about one pound/week, I’m still sitting in a good spot.

My goals for next week are to exercise at least 3 times and to get my blue dot every day.


Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been eating!


7 SP breakfast: 1 egg (2 SP) + 3 Tbsp egg white omelet with Jones Dairy Farm ham (1 SP per 2 slices), 1 oz colby cheese (4 SP), strawberries, and unsweetened applesauce with cinnamon and a dash of ginger.
6 SP breakfast: over-easy egg (2 SP), Wegman’s center cut bacon (1 SP per 2 slices), toast (2 SP) with 1 tsp butter (1 SP), strawberries, and a banana.
5 SP breakfast: homemade frittata (2 SP),  Jones Dairy Farm ham (1 SP for 2 slices), 1/2 oz colby (2 SP), and strawberries.

Lunch & Snacks

8 SP lunch: sandwich thin (3 SP) with Sargento Ultra Thin cheddar (2 SP), honey ham (1 SP), mustard, & butter lettuce with carrots, banana, pickles, and hummus (2 SP).
These are my zucchini gingerbread mini-muffins, mark one. They’re 3 SP each. I’ve already tweaked the recipe to make them 2 SP each, but haven’t made the new version yet. 


8 SP dinner: roasted pork (3 SP), pan fried potatoes (3 SP), and roasted broccoli, carrots & brussels sprouts (2 SP).
14 SP dinner: 2 homemade chicken enchiladas with sauteed peppers & onions, black beans, and cheddar (7 SP each because I used wraps that were 1 SP). I used Hatch enchilada sauce. So far, it’s the best enchilada sauce that I’ve found in stores. 
9 SP dinner: roasted pork (2 SP), roasted broccoli, carrots, & brussels sprouts (2 SP), and Vigo red beans & rice (5 SP)

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