I should cross-stitch more often

One of my crafty goals this year is to keep up with a year-long stich-a-long. As a Christmas gift to myself, I purchased a kit for this year’s CloudsFactory year-long sampler: Fabulous Women in History. The clue for January came out on the 10th, and I was so excited that I finished it by the 15th!

Here’s the January clue:


The only modifications that I did here were adding the “5” to the perfume bottle and extra legs for Eleanor’s chair (the original pattern only had one leg and it looked odd).

I’m super excited for what the next few month of clues have in store for me! The next clue comes out on February 1st.

I’m also really hoping that there will be WOC in the sampler. If there aren’t any, I’ll be super disappointed, and I probably wouldn’t buy any more CloudsFactory merchandise in the future.

Also, since I knew that I had until the 10th for the first clue for the year-long sampler, I took the first week and a half of the year to finish the other large cross-stitch piece that I was working on last year:


It was pretty fun to stitch, though I wasn’t a fan of the floss. It came with the kit, so I’m not sure what it was, but it was a bit tougher than what I’m used to.

Now, I just have to frame it and decide whether I’m going to keep it and put it up somewhere in my apartment, or if it’ll be a gift for a friend. I’m leaning toward gifting it; I’m pretty sure I have the perfect person in mind for it.

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