Weight Watchers Week 2 Recap

I never updated ya’ll on how I did at my first real weigh-in last week. But I lost 4 pounds! I stuck to my daily points, and didn’t use any of my weeklies. I didn’t really do much in the way of exercise that week, other than 1 hour of yoga on Thursday (one of the perks of the gym at my office).

This week, I exercised 5 out of 7 days! I’ve had Zumba DVDs for years, so I decided to dust them off and try them out. It’s pretty fun, and it’s a great 30-minute workout. On the days that I worked out, I decided to dip into my weekly points since the exercise made me snacky. I still made sure to keep within my blue dot range, though, and I didn’t go over on my weeklies, either!

At weigh-in this week, I ended up losing 1.6 pounds. The average loss is usually around 1 pound a week, so I’m pretty pleased with losing nearly 2. I’ll probably start using less weeklies, though. Or maybe save them for the weekend, which is the mid-point of my week (I do #weighinwednesday).


Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been eating!

Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks!

My first successful omelet! I put cheddar, crumbled turkey bacon, and spinach in the middle. Added fruit on the side for more color!
My partner is amazing and made stir fry with tofu, and large-grain couscous on the side.
One of my go-to snacks at the moment is pretzel Goldfish crackers and Easy Cheese.


I had a good number of points to use up this day, so I spent most of them on whipped cream on this chocolate waffle with strawberries.
Since I’ve been exercising, I’ve had more points to throw around. So I made macaroni and cheese from scratch! The base serving is 11 SP, but depending on how many extra points I have to use I can add extra cheese. I paired it with steamed green beans and a chicken sausage (3 SP/link).

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