2016 Crafting Recap

I did a lot of crafting this year.


  • Finished a total of 63 knitting projects
    • Finished 26 pairs of socks (including 13 pairs of self-striping socks)
    •  Knit 16 items for charity
    • Knit ~4.5 lbs of yarn out of my stash
    • Test-knit for 8 projects
  • Finished a total of 5 spinning projects
    • Spun my first bats
    • Plied for the first time


  • Finished 3 beaded cross-stitch projects
    • 2 were 5-in by 5-in pieces
    • 1 was an ornament14435154_10104967514143688_4596597190573987251_o
  • Finished 2 regular cross-stitch projects
    • 1 was a 5-in by 7-in piece
    • 1 was a 10-in by 12-in piece
  • Designed my first cross-stitch patterns
  • Finished my first needlepoint/embroidery project12898376_10104479271091678_6738754377897975718_o

Miscellaneous Crafts

  • 4 derby jerseys for my partner
    • Cut them out of a plain craft t-shirt and then painted her derby name & number on the backs
  • Halloween Costumes!
    • This year, I was Mystery Girl from Steven Universe for Halloween. I cut out a plain craft t-shirt and painted on the ratcat creature on the front. I was really pleased with how this came out.

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