FYI it takes about a month for two people to eat a whole turkey

I bought the smallest turkey I could find at my grocery store, but it was still 18.5 lbs! I got it so I could make it for my annual Friendsgiving pot-luck.

When the day came, we woke up early and I threw my current stash of frozen veggie scraps into the crock pot with some filtered water and left it on High to turn into vegetable stock while I was out.

We picked up a friend and drove to the annual Thanksgiving inter-league scrimmage hosted by my partner’s roller derby league, the DC Roller Girls. The venue manager showed up almost a whole hour late to let us into the building, so our schedule for the whole day was kind of borked.

My partner was on Team Ham (pink), and they won all three of their bouts! I helped out by manning the baked goods table mostly by myself (where I sold my granola bars and vegan banana oatmeal muffins–both of which were very well received!).

After the scrimmage, we jetted home so that I could start cooking for our annual Friendsgiving potluck. Thanks to the super incompetent manager at the skating venue, we didn’t get home until almost 4 pm. The scrimmage was supposed to be over by 1 pm, so  we had originally planned to get home around 2 pm and for Friendsgiving to start at 3 pm. As you can see, that didn’t quite happen.

The internet informed me that my turkey was probably going to need about 4 1/2 hours to cook. Sadly, I opted to forgo the turkey since I didn’t want to make people wait until almost 9 pm to eat (that seemed like cruel and unusual punishment). Thankfully one of my amazing friends called to let me know he could pick up fried chicken instead. Bless him, my poultry angel.

I made vegan roasted broccoli and chickpeas, another batch of vegan green bean casserole, vegan roasted sweet potatoes (with Earth Balance spread, coconut oil, brown sugar, and cinnamon–all of which I didn’t actually measure but it was delicious), and vegan stuffing in the crock pot (with homemade vegetable stock, herbs, and sauteed onions/celery/garlic). I also made my regular pigs in a blanket appetizer (this time with both cheesy pork mini hot dogs and beef mini hot dogs) since that always goes over super well with my non-vegan friends.

Two days later, during one of my work-from-home 1/2 days, I finally tackled the bird. I softened butter with some herbs and rubbed it on the turkey and then put it in the oven to roast. It came out pretty well!


A few hours and little butchering later, and I had enough food for me and my partner for the next month.


Seriously, I ended up with 6 quart-sized baggies full of turkey, bone broth simmering in the crock pot for stock overnight, and a 4-cup container full of the drippings that I’ll turn into gravy eventually (it’s in the freezer for now, along with most of the cubed meat).

You may wander what two people can do with a whole turkey? Here’s some stuff that I did with it:

Turkey Nachos

After butchering the bird, I wanted a little snack, and then my partner came home from roller derby practice. So I made nachos!


Turkey Enchiladas

You may have noticed that my partner and I like Tex-Mex. Well, my partner’s parents are from Texas, so I’m pretty sure it’s in her blood. We also both like a little spice in our lives.

I made a bit too much filling for this batch (even though I ended up making 8 enchiladas!) so I froze the extra in a quart-sized freezer baggie.

This was Las Palmas enchilada sauce. Looked great, but tasted meh and was runny.

Turkey Chili

One of my staple recipes, changed up every time depending on what meat I’m using. For poultry chili, I use pinto beans and cannellini beans. I used the thigh meat for this batch of chili along with 2 poblano and three jalapeno peppers.


Even More Turkey Enchiladas

Since I had enchilada filling saved in the freezer, this was a super quick/lazy meal!

Also, I had purchased two different types of enchilada sauce so I had to try both of them. Unfortunately, both were duds. Hopefully I can find my favorite brand soon! (It’s not at my local grocery store anymore. Sadface.)

This one was Old El Paso enchilada sauce. Tasted ok, but it was a bit too orange and runny for my liking.

 Salad with turkey

We needed to make something quick for lunch so we grabbed some of the frozen breast meat and threw it in a Ziploc container along with a nice salad. While we were at work, we kept the salads in the refrigerator and the turkey thawed nicely in time for lunch!


Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with Turkey

This is another recipe that I make all the time, especially when I cook a whole chicken in the crock pot. But this time I didn’t have chicken; I had a ton of turkey. And turkey stock. So, I modified a recipe from One Hundred Dollars A Month.


Shepherd’s Pie with Turkey

I make shepherd’s pie all the time, and it’s always different depending on what meat and veggies I have in the fridge. It always seems to taste even better the second day you have it. And it freezes well, too!


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