Thinking ahead to next year’s reading goal

So remember a few weeks ago when I had read 87 books so far this year (with my original goal being 52 books for the 2016 Goodreads reading challenge)? At that time, I decided my stretch goal was 90 books because I figured that reading three more books in the last few weeks of the year would be super do-able.

Well, I’m currently sitting at 92 finished books. Plus, I’m over half-way through an eBook and I just cracked open a new audiobook. I generally listen to audiobooks  on 2x speed, so they go buy pretty quickly.

Now I’m second-guessing myself on my goal for 2017. I originally planned to do 100, but now I’m thinking of making my goal 104 (so, two books per week). I don’t want to overwhelm myself, though.

I listen to audiobooks when I go for walks, and I’m trying to get better with my physical fitness, so that’s another push for the larger goal for 2017.

At least I have a few weeks yet to decide on my goal for next year!

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