A Jamberry Nail Wrap Photo Essay

I’ve been a big fan of Jamberry nail wraps for at least the last year and a half. They’re super easy to apply and they’re very hardy! When I was using regular nail polish, it would chip off within the first few days. Jamberry wraps can last for up to two weeks!

Jamberry wraps are vinyl nail wraps that come in a multiple finishes: Clear, Luster, Metallic, Sparkle, Glossy, Matte, Satin, and Tint. I tend to use mostly Luster, Matte, and Satin the most, since I don’t really like the look of really shiny nails. They also offer professional nail lacquers, gel enamels, and hand & nail care items.

I’m a huge fan of their mini-heater for application, but you can just as easily use a hair dryer. I love that I don’t have to hold the heater for application, which is why I don’t use the hair dryer method. Under $20 for hands free application FTW! (I actually grabbed mine while I was the hostess of a party and got it for 50% off.)

For this application, I decided to take photos of my wraps every other day to show how long they last. I usually switch out my wraps every week or so (I’m still working on my application skills and they tend to start pulling up on the sides for me after about 5 days), but this time I’m going to keep them on until either they’re on for two whole weeks or they start falling off just to see how long one application will last me.

Day One


I chose my favorite retired matte wrap, Reminisce, and applied them on Wednesday, November 23. I’m pretty sure I ended up doing my best application ever because they went down very smooth and I didn’t have any hassles.

Day Two

We drove up to West Chester, PA to visit my partner’s sister, who was cooking for their family Thanksgiving. I helped in the kitchen and ended up carving the turkey. While chopping onions and peeling/chopping sweet potatoes, I nicked two of the wraps on my left hand. You can see the damage on my middle and pointer fingers in the Day Three picture. I washed my hands a lot that day, but the wraps stayed put.

I forgot my sock knitting project at home (I had two cross-stitch projects with me but you can’t do those without looking at them), so I was a bit antsy when I wasn’t helping out in the kitchen. I habitually pick at my cuticles and bite my nails, but I’m so glad that Jamberry wraps help prevent me from continuing with that bad habit.

Day Three

Once we got home, I did some food-making (vegan gingerbread muffins, non-vegan gingerbread muffins, and vegan green bean casserole). Since I was working with a lot of sticky stuff during the baking process, I washed my hands a lot. The wraps were still staying put pretty well.

Please ignore my cuticles, I forgot my Bar-Maids Cuticle Intensive at home! See the knicks on my middle and pointer fingers from when I chopped up onions and sweet potatoes?

Day Four

We didn’t really have any plans for the day except for getting our apartment ready for the Friendsgiving pot-luck that we were hosting the following day. My partner vacuumed,  swept, and Swiffered while I did laundry all day (at least 7 loads!), worked on a few blog posts, and the cooking schedule for the next day since that was pretty important. The wraps were still clinging on pretty well.

Day Five

Spoopy dark background because it was 10:30 pm and I had forgotten to take a picture but I was exhausted so I sat up in bed and used flash.

Day Six

Back to work today! I forgot my usual mug and tumbler at home (four day weekends make me super forgetful, apparently) but I had my back-up tumbler at my desk. I had to wash it out in the sink, though.

I noticed that the wrap on my middle finger of my left hand was starting to peel a little on the right side. But only a little! All of the other wraps are stuck pretty tight. Definitely my best application yet.

Day Seven

I worked a half-day from home, and started the after-party deep clean. I had a lot of dishes to do from the party, so my hands got pretty soapy.

I still had a turkey that needed cooking, so after I went grocery shopping I tackled the bird. During the butchering process, I had to wash my hands a lot and I was so sure that my wraps were going to fall off!

Extreme close-up! You can sort of see the pulling up on the left side of my middle fingernail.

The wraps are still holding on pretty well! The right side of the wrap on my left middle finger is starting to pull up a bit more, and now the left side of the wrap on my left pointer finger is also starting to peel a bit. The left side of the wrap on my right middle finger is just now starting to lift.

Day Eight

Another half-day working from home. I had a ton of PTO that I have to use up (only 40 hours will roll over into 2017), so I decided to take half days every Tuesday and Wednesday in November and December. I still have PTO hours that will just dissolve into the ether come January 1, 2017.

I did a ton of dishes and poured the overnight stock from the crock pot into a container to refrigerate. I also went to an advanced movie screening (and actually remembered my movie knitting this time, yay!).

Day Nine

I was in the office today, and I had a ton of stuff to catch up on since I’ve had quite a lot of half days recently.

The left side of my right pointer finger pulling up a bit more, as is the left side of my left middle finger. The left side of my left thumb is just starting to peel. The left side of my right pointer finger is also pulling up a bit.


This is the longest I’ve ever worn wraps. I usually start picking at them once they start to lift, but thanks to this post I’ve been fighting that habit.

Day Ten

I felt a little under the weather today, so I worked from home and didn’t do a lot around the house. I put away clean dishes and did some laundry but that was about it. Wraps are still lifting on the sides but they don’t seem to have peeled any extra from yesterday.

Day Eleven

A wonderfully “lazy” day at home. I did a whole bunch of laundry, made another batch of turkey enchiladas (I had bought two different enchilada sauces and I was trying them out, though both were pretty much duds), and made turkey chili in the crock pot. When I wasn’t in the kitchen/laundry closet, I was reading or gaming.

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll actually keep these on. The sides are pulling up on three fingers on each hand, the tops are looking kind of ragged (but only up close, when you’re father away you can’t tell) and I’m jonesing for a change. But the instructions say “up to two weeks” so that’s what my challenge is this time. Three more days is totally doable.


Day Twelve

Another lazy-ish day. I did some dishes, hung out with a friend, had a massive baking fail, and then went to a party. I helped out by cutting up fruit for the fruit platter. The wraps are still holding on, though they’re still pulling up at the sides. Two days to go!

Day Thirteen

I’m pretty sure these have stayed on so long because I’ve been focusing on *not* picking at the sides that are pulling up. That’s what I’ve done in the past and would generally swap out wraps after a week.

The cashier at Trader Joe’s complimented me on my nails today. I told her I was on day thirteen of wearing them. She was super surprised!

I totally forgot to take a picture of them today, though. Oops!

Day Fourteen!

I’m really proud of myself for making it this far. This challenge has really helped me try to forgo my anxious habit of picking at my cuticles. I can’t pursue my nail-biting habit while wearing wraps, either, since there is literally a vinyl sticker in the way.

My nails feel super long right now. This is probably the longest I’ve ever grown them. They feel stronger than usual, too. It seems like Jamberry wraps help my nails grow in more healthy (probably because I’m not constantly messing with them).

Back to a clean slate. For at least until I decide which wraps to put on next!

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