Blowing my 2016 reading goal out of the water

I won my Kindle Paperwhite a little over a year ago from Chipotle during their Super Short Book Report promotion. It is the best thing I’ve ever won in my life. It helped rekindle (pun intended) my love of reading. I’m pretty sure that bringing this hobby back into my life has played a major part in my stress reduction this year.

Goodreads lets you do a reading challenge every year, and since I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with a goal that was too high, I decided to set my 2016 goal to read 52 books. One book a week seemed like something that was totally within my reach.

Well, I’m currently sitting at 87 books completed out of 52! I’ve decided that my stretch goal is going to be 90 books this year. That means I only have to read 3 more books in a little over a month. That time includes the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas, where I’m taking half-days from work on the days I don’t already have off for the holidays. So I feel like 3 more books can totally happen!

Next year my goal is going to be 100 books for 2017. Only a bit more than I’ll have read this year, but I don’t want to set up a challenge that I have no way of completing.

P.S. It looks like Amazon has certified refurbished Kindle Paperwhites on sale for $80 right now which is kind of insane. I really love mine (I never have eye strain with it, which was something that was really annoying to me about my original Kindle Fire tablet) and this is a great gift idea for the reader in your life.

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