The Wedding Shawl, Part 3: The Finish

My kid brother got hitched!


I still need to get a good photo of the bride wearing the shawl, but she did post this picture once she got home from the wedding!


They had a “couch” set up at the wedding, made up of felt blankets on top of hay bales, and the bride actually napped on that, cuddled up in the shawl, for about an hour. She often falls asleep on couches, though, it’s a running family gag to take a picture of her passed out on the couch on holidays.

It’s not surprised that she got tuckered out, though. Instead of doing a Dollar Dance, they decided to rent a dunk tank instead! Yes, in November. It was cold. I paid the $1 to get 3 balls to try to dunk my brother, but none of them hit. So I ran up and pushed it in anyway. It was a good night.

Also, my aunt surprised me with a Family Size box of Pumpkin Spice Cheerios! I made a post on Facebook a few weeks ago bemoaning the fact that my local grocery store stopped stocking it and I couldn’t find it anywhere. My aunt remembered, and when she saw one, got me a box! My family is the best.

I took a picture of the shawl blocking, and pre-fringed. It looks a little weird, but it blocked out perfectly! I wove in my ends but didn’t snip them until after it had finished blocking.


My mom sent me a message roughly the same time that I finished adding the fringe, so I got my partner to do a little bit of modeling.


This was my first time doing fringe, and I think I did a pretty good job!

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