The Wedding Shawl, Part 2: Almost to the finish line

I bound off on The Wedding Shawl last night, with a cat in my lap.


The plan is to block the shawl this weekend (probably Sunday since I have So Much Stuff To Do on Saturday). Good stuff, but so much of it. There’s the cider festival from 1 – 4 pm in DC and then the big Halloween party where I see all of my college friends/framily. On Sunday I’m not busy until the Streetlight Manifesto concert that night. My partner has roller derby practice Sunday morning so I’ll likely get it done then.

Once the shawl is blocked, I’m going to add fringe at the request of the bride. I’ve never actually done fringe on a shawl, as it’s not really my aesthetic. So this should be a learning experience. I asked the bride to send me a picture of a shawl with fringe how she’d like it, so that’s what I’m going off of. I should actually weigh it when I get home, but I estimate that I have at least half of the last ball of yarn left (I got 3 balls total for the shawl), so hopefully that is enough for fringe!

The wedding is in 8 days. I have no idea how long it’s going to take me to add all the fringe. But I think a week should be enough time. Plus, I work from home two days a week, I’m done working by 3 pm (sometimes it pays to start at 6:30 am every morning), and I have a half-day on Wednesday.

Deep breaths. I can finish this on time. Thank goodness.

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